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everything you need to know about me


name - mark withington
birth - 27.01.79
sex - male
hair - dark reddish brown
occupation - graphic designer

favourite five artists

joe madureira - battle chasers rips it up
adam warren - i love his style and sense of humour
kenichi sonada - his attention to detail is awesome
sathoshi urushihara - bit of a pervert but he has an incredible style
kevin eastman/peter laird - i still dig the turtles

favourite five animes

ranma half - my favourite, something about it never gets any less funny
you're under arrest - it's so nice and the character design is really good
el hazard - one of my favourite dubs
gunsmith cats - chicks, cars and guns... oh yeah
macross plus - this series still blows me away... i guess i'm getting old

favourite five movies

a walk to remember - it makes me feel nice
matrix - how predictable...
the 'burbs - i don't know why it's just a cool movie
a few good men - i can't handle the truth!
josie and the pussycats - rachael...

favourite five christian bands

channel surfers - christian or not you've got to hear this funky band.... summertime!
earthsuit - it just doesn't get much cooler
delirious - the poms know how to rock for God
supertones - is ska dead yet? maybe not just yet...
the cross movement - oldskool hip hop... gotta love it

favourite five other bands

incubus - they just rock
michael jackson - he's old, he's falling apart, he may be messed up, but he was very cool in his day
the tea party - i blew a set of speakers listening to these guys one time
smashing pumpkins - i'm a recovering pumpkins addict
foo fighters - i know 'colour and the shape' off by heart


rachel joy scott - she was the first to die at columbine, i read her story and was blown away
mrs. fox - my year eleven english teacher, she always encouraged me and made me believe that i would someday make something of myself
jesus christ - what can i say, he saved my life

favourite actors

samuel l jackson - the coolest black guy i can think of
john cusack - the coolest white guy i can think of
mike myers - very funny guy
jason lee - i just love the dude
sarah michelle gellar - buffy rocks
larissa oleynik - she's so cute
rachael leigh cook - she's VERY talented

favourite authors

terry pratchett - comedy fantasy, nothing like it
frank peretti - the 'piercing the darkness' books would make awesome movies
shakespeare - people are still reading his stuff

favourite animals

bengal tiger - the big cat rocks
polar bear - they like peanut butter apparently
penguins - God has a sense of humour
wombats - you can't kill them!
dolphins - always helping out people lost at sea and stuff


left over baked potato
a majority of western comic styles
ingenuineness... you know what I mean