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here are a bunch of links you may find interesting


marisa arias' homepage

the first person that stumbled onto my site. a brilliant mangaist... check her stuff out

amy black's homepage

very talented chick who i 'met' back in the old nms days

darren louison's homepage

old bud from tafe who i tried to make about three comics with... all unsuccessfully. oneday we'll finish something.

nathan bryson's homepage

punk who lives down the road with a yoda and muppet fixation


online comic artist directory

well wicked site with links to web comics all over the shop.


monthly anime gaijin

lots of anime drawing fun to be had and seen

stuff that deserves attention

rachel joy scott's homepage

what can i say? check out the site and find out about this girl

tasty artists

joe madureira's home page

joe mad would have to be my favourite artist

christian stuff

jesus freak hideout

awesome reviews of cd's, movies and tons of other stuff