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what the heck?

what is all this about? well let be straight up with you about something.

i am a christian.

i believe in jesus christ and that he was on the planet 2000 years ago. i believe that he is the son of God and therefore God himself. and i believe that he died to break down the barriers between me and my creator. now you may think that is the biggest load of crap you have ever heard in your life, and that's cool. i'm not here to force my beliefs on you, i just want to share what i have found to be true.

i could not imagine living without love, it is just something i need simply to survive. and love is what God is all about, God is love. And God created man so he could have someone to hang out with, to love and be loved by in return. since you can't force someone to love you, God gave man the freedom to choose and do whatever they want. in doing this, he left himself open to the possibility that his creation would reject him but he knew it was the only way to form a genuine relationship.

God had one law in the beginning 'don't eat from this tree' and we couldn't even follow that. so something called sin came into the world which God detested and couldn't associate with and we were separated from him. ever since that point the world had been slowly going downhill. God tried to lay down rules that he knew man would have to follow in order to re-establish a relationship with him. but he knew (and we proved that) we would never be able to make it on our own.

so in his last attempt to save mankind from himself he came down to earth as a human so he could empathise with our situation and teach us at our own level. he associated with the outcasts and the freaks, his friends were prostitutes and theives, and he was followed around by a bunch of unwashed fisherman. jesus was down with the people who truly needed him, the people without hope who couldn't find their place in society. as a result, everyone adored the guy because he was real and he told it. well, not everyone. the religious people didn't like him because he threatened all their tradition. jesus was offering a relationship with God without ceremony and they couldn't have that. so they killed him. they turned the people who had once loved jesus for all the things he had done for them into an angry crowd yelling 'crucify him!'. he was nailed naked to a cross after being severly beaten and whipped (beyond the recogintion of a man the bible says) and he died there. but it was cool because three days later he got up, busted out of the tomb where he had been buried, appeared to a whole bunch of people and returned to heaven.

in dying jesus took the punishment that we deserved for all the bad stuff we have done, are doing and will do. his death is God saying 'you are guilty and undeserving, but i love you so much that i will die for you so we can be together'.

this is what i believe and i am absolutley convinced. and i know that even my non christian friends feel that God exists.. simply, i think, because he does... regardless of whether or not they want to believe it. jesus is your ticket to heaven and more immediately, life. being a christian isn't about trying to do good all the time and being uptight about doing what's right. it's about knowing God and having him a as someone who is always there for you. and being a christian won't make stuff easy... in fact if you become a christian i almost guarantee things will get harder. but the important difference is your life will have a point, you will begin to understand how much you are worth.

so what do you think, still a load of crap? yeah? okay, that's your choice. but you should know that when you die you will stand before jesus. and if he says that he doesn't know you, you will be going to a place that was never intended for you. a place that is devoid of God's presence. a place you cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend... hell. but God doesn't want you to go to hell and there is only one thing you can do to avoid it.

you have to recognise that jesus is God. you have to recognise that you are sinful and separated from God and that you need forgiveness for all the stuff you've done that you know is bad. you have to recognise that jesus is the only one who can forgive you for what you have done beacause he has already taken the punishment for it. then you simply have to ask for forgiveness and ask jesus to be a part of your life.

to do this just talk to him, he will hear you. if you don't know what to say, say something like this:

jesus i'm sorry for all the bad stuff i've ever done
please forgive me
i need your love in my life
and i need you to guide my path from this day on

if you say it and mean it, you will be a christian and jesus will welcome you into heaven. in the meantime, you should get a bible and find some other christian people who will love and support you. hook into a church and start learning about God, there is a lifetime's worth of stuff to discover and its all good.

finally, remember that christianity will not be a sheltered half life without fun or excitment. life with jesus is life to max, life on a dimension you wouldn't have though possible. trust me, you won't miss out on a thing.