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here you'll find some of the weird stuff that floats around my head...
proceed with caution


you get from your friends exactly what you give them... in some form or another. if you love them, they will eventually love you. if you make fun of them they will learn to make fun of you. if you ignore them they won't be there for you when you need them.
a friend is someone who chooses to spend their time with you because they like you. love = time. having someone in your life who wants to hang out with you is invaluable. your friends reflect who you are, they help you to understand what you are, they influence who you are going to be. our friends know who we are even when we're not sure.
my friends mean so much to me, the way they make me feel, the way they make me laugh, they way they look, the way they make me feel comfortable and the way they challenge me. they let me know when they disagree with what i'm doing, polietly encourage my stupid ideas and passionately support my good ones, and they are always there for me when i feel like crap, always (if i let them be). they are real. they are people who care about me genuinely...
i am very blessed to have friends like these...